Alignments in Corinth, ME

Have you noticed your vehicle pull to one side when you take your hands off the wheel? A high-crowned road can cause this. But if the road is flat, you might have an alignment problem.

You can verify if you do have an alignment problem. However, it’s better to check the wheel alignment before the tires get damaged. The mechanics at Rowes Garage in Corinth, ME, can do this if you suspect a problem.

How to Check for Alignment Problems

The easiest way is to look at the tires. If you see wear patterns on the tire tread, you have been driving with an alignment problem for some time. 

The sooner you bring your vehicle to Rowes Garage, the better. We can rotate the tires after doing alignments. But if the tread is too worn, the affected tire must be replaced. 

When checking the tires, take note of the following: 

  • Wear on the inside or outside the tread – possible alignment or suspension problem
  • Feathering of the tread – possible alignment or suspension problem
  • Even wear on the outside edges of the tire – low tire pressure
  • Even wear on the center of the tread – too much tire pressure.

Consequences of Improper Wheel Alignment

In some cases, the alignment is out because you hit a pothole or curb in some cases. There might be a problem with one or several suspension components in other cases. 

Our auto techs will put your vehicle on the alignment rack and attempt to realign the tires. At the same time, the mechanic checks for loose or broken suspension parts, worn bushings, and other problems with the suspension.

If you ignore the wheel alignment, you risk your safety. You will not have as much control over your vehicle, especially if a broken or loose suspension component is causing the misalignment.

If you continue driving without aligning the tires, they will continue to wear in the same spot. The tire could blow out any time once the tread gets low enough. It could also separate because of the extra pressure on the part of the tire.

If your tires are wearing unevenly or the vehicle seems to pull to one side, contact Rowes Garage for an appointment. Call us at (207) 285-3212 or visit us at 774 Main Street, Corinth, ME 04427.