Tires in Corinth, ME

Keeping your vehicle’s tires in good shape is crucial to safety. 

Worn tread means that you do not have the traction needed to keep the vehicle on the road. Moreover, too much or too little air pressure could contribute to an accident. 

Whether you have all-season tires or swap summer and winter tires, you should always check the air pressure and tread wear.

How to Check the Tires on Your Vehicle

You can check tire pressure by looking at the tpms (tire pressure monitoring system). But you should not rely on it. Manually check the tire pressure with a good tire gauge at least once a month.

Look at the tread. 

  • You might have a suspension or alignment problem if you notice feathering or uneven wear. 
  • If the tread wears on one side of the tire, the problem is either alignment or suspension. 
  • If the tread is worn only in the center of the tire, the air pressure is too high. 
  • The tire pressure is too low if the tread is worn evenly on both sides of the tread pattern.

You can also check overall tread wear

Insert a quarter with the top of Washington’s head pointing down. If the tread just touches the top of Washington’s head, you have 4/32-inch left on the tread. This means it’s time for tire replacement. The legal tread depth is no less than 2/32-inch. 

Tire Sales in Corinth, ME

Contact Rowes Garage if you need new tires. Tell us the tire size, and we’ll tell you if we have stock. If we do not have your preferred brand, we can order the tires then mount and balance them for you.

You can also contact us if you are unsure whether you need new tires. 

Tire Repair in Corinth, ME

Rowes Garage can change or repair your tire. If it has a sharp object in the tread, we can plug the tire, and you’ll be on your way.

If the hole is too big for a plug, we can patch the tire. We’ll need to take it off, though, at our shop. If the problem is in the sidewall, you’ll need a new tire.

Whatever your tire needs are, Rowes Garage can help. Call us at (207) 285-3212, or stop by our shop at 774 Main Street, Corinth, ME 04427.