Suspension In Corinth, Me

People like to have a car with plenty of power. However, without suspension, you can’t harness that power.

The suspension makes sure that there is enough friction between the tires and the road and ensures the vehicle handles well so that you stay safe.

The suspension also makes the ride comfortable. Even on a perfectly flat road, the suspension keeps the vehicle on the road.

Vehicles have front and rear suspension. They are different despite doing the same thing.

Types Of Front Suspension

The front suspension depends on the vehicle’s make and model. The types of front suspension include:


It has a rigid front axle connecting the wheels. Leaf springs and shock absorbers keep the axle in place. Your vehicle might have a dependent front suspension if it is an older truck.


It has separate axles so the wheels can move independently. The most common front suspension system uses MacPherson struts which combine a shock absorber and a coil spring into one unit. This type is common in front-wheel drive vehicles.

Double wishbone suspension

It has several configurations but uses A-arms or control arms. It gets its name from the two wishbone-shaped arms that hold the wheel onto the vehicle.

Each wishbone is mounted to the frame in two places and the wheel in one place. The wishbone uses a shock absorber and coil spring to control the vehicle.

The double wishbone suspension also gives more control over the camber and minimizes rolling and swaying. It provides the vehicle with a more consistent feel while driving down the road.

Types Of Rear Suspension

The rear suspension is also classified as dependent or independent.


It has one solid axle connecting the rear wheels. It can use a coil spring or a leaf spring combined with shock absorbers. If the vehicle uses coil springs, the coils and spring could be one unit or two separate units.  


Also referred to as four-wheel independent suspension, the two rear wheels are mounted independently of each other. It is set up much like the front suspension.

Suspension Components

Driving becomes dangerous when part of the suspension breaks. The vehicle will have inferior control and could lead to a rollover.


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