Transmission Replacement in Corinth, ME

Transmission replacement is more common than engine replacement. It’s pretty easy to burn up a transmission if you use your truck as a farm truck or a work truck. If you drive through the mountains every day, you also stress the transmission. 

Unfortunately, the transmission is one of the last things people think of when it comes to maintenance. They should flush the transmission fluid regularly. They should change the filter in the pan. The owner’s manual should tell you when to do such things.

Ways a Transmission Can Break

The transmission has a set of clutches and “hard parts” or gears, a valve body, a front pump, and other components. A computer controls most transmissions on newer vehicles, like the engine’s electronic control module.

Transmission problems do not always mean transmission replacement. A mechanic can easily replace some components. Others components, though, require an experienced transmission specialist.

Transmission issues include:


This repair is common. The clutches wear out over time, which prevents the transmission from shifting properly.

Front Pump

The transmission has a pump in its front. It pumps the transmission fluid through the transmission. The pressure from the system presses the clutches together for different gears and speeds.

Torque Converter (in Automatic Transmissions)

The torque converter converts torque to get the vehicle moving. 

Street vehicles have a torque converter with a stall speed so small you don’t notice it. It allows you to take off from a stop immediately. 

Transmission Replacement | Rowes Garage Inc. in Corinth, ME. Closeup image of a car transmission gears and other transmission components.

Racing torque converters with a stall do not allow the vehicle to move forward until the engine reaches the torque converters stall speed. Depending on the racing application, the speed could range from 900 to 3,000 rpm or higher. 

If you notice the engine revving before the vehicle moves, you might be low on fluid, or the torque converter is broken.

Bands, Planetary Gears, and Other Hard Parts

When these components break, it’s time to replace the transmission. They are expensive and time-consuming to replace.

If your vehicle’s transmission is not working correctly and the transmission fluid is full, the auto techs at Rowes Garage will diagnose the problem. The mechanic will recommend whether he can make repairs or you need transmission replacement.

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