Electronic Diagnostics in Corinth, ME

It can be maddening when something goes wrong with your vehicle’s electronic components or wiring. 

If the problem is with the wiring, lights might flicker. It might start one day and not the next. 

If it’s an electrical problem, you should watch what works and when it stops working. It goes a long way in helping mechanics find what is wrong.

The other electrical parts are easier to diagnose—the ECM (engine control module) and several sensors that control the engine. 

Some sensors send information to the computer to adjust the air-fuel ratio.

Other sensors “listen” to the engine and notify the computer when something is wrong. The ECM then adjusts engine inputs to correct the problem. If it cannot, the computer stores a code and turns the check engine light on.

If you have an electrical problem or the vehicle’s check engine light is lit, contact a mechanic at Rowes Garage for electronics diagnostics in Corinth, ME.

Diagnostic Issues

Diagnosis is usually not as simple as reading the code and replacing the part. 

For example, the vehicle might throw an oxygen sensor code. But if it’s a general code, it doesn’t necessarily mean the oxygen sensor is bad. It could be the mixture being off, which could be due to a bad coil, bad plug, fouled injector, and other reasons.

The auto techs at Rowes Garage will use diagnostics equipment to check the various sensors, the ECM, and other factors causing the code.

Diagnostics | Rowes Garage Inc. in Corinth, ME. Closeup image of a diagnostics tool scanner with a car engine in the background.

Computer Failure

Another diagnostic issue is when the computer fails. It can’t diagnose itself, so the electronic diagnostics tech must look for sure signs. 

One of the tell-tale signs that the ECM failed is that it throws one or more codes that do not relate to other codes. 

For example, if the computer that monitors the MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor fails, it might store a MAP sensor code and a coolant temperature sender code. 

To test the coolant temperature sender, look for other signs of computer failure. When you open it, it sometimes smells like rotten eggs.

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Sometimes diagnosing electrical and the driveability system takes some time. We can give you a ride to work or back home in Corinth if necessary.