Undercoating In Corinth, Me

Maine winters can be fierce. When there’s a lot of snow, the towns and counties are out treating the roads, which is excellent for keeping you safer but not so great for the underside of your vehicle.

The salt and chemicals for melting the ice cause metal to rust. A vehicle’s frame is made of steel which rusts quickly. Many vehicles still have metal in the body that’s prone to rust, especially if the paint has worn off.

You can wash off the salt and chemicals. But when you’re in Corinth, ME, that’s the last thing you want to do during winter. The condition is just too cold for that.

Rowe’s Garage has a solution to prevent rust. Our undercoating mechanic can apply an undercoat spray to the frame under the vehicle to minimize rusting and decay.

Why Undercoating Is Important

A car is likely one of the most significant investments you’ll make in your life. You would want it to last as long as possible. And that involves regular maintenance and protecting the exterior.

If the frame starts rusting, the rust eventually eats the paint. Pretty soon, you’ll have big rust spots at the bottom of the doors and on the top of the wheel wells.

Rust can also cause leaks in fuel lines and brake lines. If left unchecked, it will eventually cause engine and transmission problems.

Undercoating protects your vehicle against the damaging salt and other chemicals spread by cities and towns during winter.

Oil-Based Undercoating

If your vehicle already has rust, we can apply an oil-based coating that penetrates the rusted metal and displaces any moisture. Hard rubber-based undercoating isn’t ideal as it locks the moisture unless you have a brand new vehicle.

With undercoating done every year, you’ll continue protecting your vehicle against continuous rust formation. If you have a newer vehicle, undercoating will significantly reduce the chances of rust initiation.

Maintaining the exterior of your vehicle is as essential as maintaining the engine and transmission. Your vehicle would also have a higher resale value and trade-in value without rust. Undercoating benefits you financially, whether you plan to keep the vehicle forever or trade it eventually.

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