Engine Replacement in Corinth, ME

Sometimes, a repair isn’t enough. You might need to replace the entire engine. 

Replacing the engine is sometimes less expensive than major repairs. People who do regular maintenance won’t have to unless their vehicles have over 250,000 mileage. Some engines can even reach 400,000 miles without needing an engine replacement.

Why You Might Need Engine Replacement

Even if you take excellent care of your engine, you could run into a situation where it needs to be replaced. 

The engine has many moving parts with close tolerances. Only a few miles separate the bearings, crankshaft, pistons, and cylinder walls.

A thin layer of motor oil keeps these moving parts lubricated and cool enough so that they do not bind up. If someone does not regularly change the oil, there’ll be more internal heat, or debris can get caught in tight places.

Reasons for auto engine replacement include:

  • The engine overheats so severely that water ends in the oil, and the driver does not stop.
  • The oil gets too dirty or builds up in the heads, preventing proper oil flow.
  • The engine wears out. The moving parts tend to wear down and get loose after hundreds of thousands of miles. For example, loose piston rings cause blowby, and you’ll see burned oil in the exhaust.
Engine Replacement | Rowes Garage Inc. in Corinth, ME. Closeup image of a car engine.
  • The driver overrevs the engine and bends a rod or melts a piston.
  • The oil pump fails. The vehicle owner does not notice it until the damage is done (low oil pressure).
  • The crank cracks (a rare situation).
  • The bearings spin (rare unless you are racing or never do regular oil changes).


These are just a few reasons for an engine replacement. While an auto tech can rebuild the engine, replacing it is usually less expensive.

Why Replace an Engine Instead of Buying a Vehicle

Here are some reasons:

  • New vehicles are expensive.
  • You can’t find a used vehicle that you are happy with.
  • You prefer to replace an engine instead of buying a used vehicle. At least with your current vehicle, you know which parts were replaced. You do not want to make the exact replacements with a used vehicle.
  • Your vehicle is in excellent condition. It makes more sense to replace the engine.


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